Watch the Breakdown 34 - 41 online guitar lesson by Tim Sparks from Roots, Rags & Blues

This arrangement makes use of backbeats in a lot of places. These are bass notes played by the thumb on beats 2 and 4 instead of the normal emphasis on beats 1 and 3 in a 4/4 measure. Around frame 5820 there is a breakdown from the last 6 measures of this tune which shows what sounds like triplet arpeggios but which is actually 8th notes in 4/4 time played over the bass note back beat. The same 4 note figure of A#, B, F, A# is repeated 3 times. Each time a different tone lands over the back beat bass note, first F , then A#, then B. It's tricky but with a little repetition easy to get accustomed to.

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