Watch the Bonus: Amazing Grace online guitar lesson by Tim Sparks from Roots, Rags & Blues

A few Bonus Audio Tracks not featured as videos are of interest. The first is Oriental Blues, by Eubie Blake. Eubie Blake may be one of the most well known figures of the Ragtime Era because he lived to be 100 years old and was featured in many televised broadcasts. Eubie was from Baltimore and played an East Coast style of Ragtime which was different from the St. Louis based pianists. He teamed up with vocalist Noble Sissle and they were very successful as songwriters and performers. Noble and Blake recorded Oriental Blues in 1917. For more info on Eubie Blake.

"Grandma's Gospel" is a tribute to my own Grandmother Edna Sparks, who played Gospel Piano and Guitar in little churches in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is an evocation of the gospel music which I heard growing up in North Carolina.

The audio version of Jelly Roll Blues is a larger version than that played in the video lesson and has some extra sections.

A tab of this version can be found at Tim

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