Watch the Changing Chords online guitar lesson by Massimo Varini from Pop Guitar Survival Guide

One problem of the guitar player is moving from one chord to another without any silence in between - we need to discover some tricks! Sometimes the problem is not only for the left hand (or the right if you're lefty), sometimes happens that a hard change of the fingering made a stop in the right hand's movement! So you can just keep the movement, play 1/8 or 1/16 in muted strumming and that's it! To help yourself, sometimes you could use a brush with the right hand: this gives you some moments to put down the finger on left hand and it's like an accent or a color to your performance! Look at the video lesson - it's not like playing an arpeggio but in this way you earn time.

Remember! This brush doesn't start on the beat but a little bit earlier, and ends on the first beat on the top string! If you have common notes on the top, and a movement of voices on the low strings, you can start with the brushing in an upstroke from the higher voicing. This is also good at the end of the songs! The upstroke brushing starts before the beat and with the bass notes exactly on the beat!

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