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Watch the Open D (DADF#AD) Folk online guitar lesson by Vicki Genfan from Open Tuning Handbook: Rhythm

Open D was one of the first tunings I explored. There are 2 main chord shapes – one for the major and one for the minor chords. They leave the 1st and 2nd strings open, highlighting the beautiful, ringing, drone sounds of those strings. These chords lend themselves to all kinds of folky-pop feels. Because it's a simple major chord with no added color tones, it also lends itself to playing the blues. In this case, we'd use simple bar chords to get our I, IV, and V chords. Using a slide (which is NOT my forte) is also very easy with this tuning.

I've created 2 sections: 3 exercises in each of these 2 open D feels. One, using the more folky chord shapes and progressions, and the other using the bar chords in a blues progression.

In Level 1 of the "folky" segment, there's yet another variation of a strumming pattern – and by this time, you might want to try playing at a faster tempo since you've already played so many strumming patterns and I'm sure you're improving! In Level 2 we learn a right hand palm mute, and in Level 3, we use a descending bass line progression that features gorgeous voicings played high up on the neck. This one will require a bit more agility with your left hand.