Watch the Rumba Strum Pattern 6 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

This strum adds a mute stroke on beat 4 to the bongo technique demonstrated in pattern 5.

Rest your right arm on the body of the guitar and allow the forearm to swing freely so the right hand can pivot comfortably between the neck of the guitar - where it executes the bongo technique - and just behind the soundhole, where it plays the mute stroke.

Hit the chart button on the player for the strumming pattern diagram.

Try this pattern with the following chord progression:

Em D Am9 Cmajor 7 B phrygian

Em - 7th position, with open B and high E strings. Mute the low E.
D - 5th position, with open G, E strings. Mute the 6th string here, as well.
Am9 - 5th position, mute the low A string.
C major 7 - 8th fret, open B, E strings
B major Phrygian - open E, B strings

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