Watch the Rumba Strum Pattern 2 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

Note how my hand is positioned when I hit the guitar - I’m spreading my thumb away from my fingers in order to avoid hitting the sound hole. The palm hits the guitar on beat 3 for a very satisfying "thunk." Sometimes I hit the top of the guitar above the sound hole with my thumb nail on beat 4.

Let’s try it over this Gypsy chord progression: Em D7 (in third position, let the high E string ring open) C7 B7. Make sure to mute the low E string when you play D7 C7 and B7. To mute the low E string, simply let the tip of your ring finger rest against it as you play the chords.

Hit the chart button on the player for the strumming pattern diagram.

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