Watch the Rumba Strum Pattern 1b online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

I play the rumba strum a little differently than Raughi, but all rumba strums emphasize the same accents - on the "and" of 2 and on the 4.

In this lesson, we will play my rumba strum over the most popular chord progression in flamenco: Am G F E. As you can see, these are all played in the first position on the guitar.

Let’s move this progression up a whole step to Bm A G F# Phyrgian. Note that I am not fretting the high B and E strings. I’m letting them ring, and it’s these open B and E notes that add some character to the progression and turn the F# into F# Phyrgian.

Hit the chart button on the player for the strumming pattern diagram.

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