Watch the Junto al Mar 2 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

The rhythm for Junto al Mar is played in first position. As I demonstrate it slowly here, notice how I vary the dynamics of the rhythm part. Also note how I mute the low E string with the tip of my right index finger when playing the Bm chord.

The first two chord progressions, which are played with Rumba Strum Pattern 3, are:

Em/Bm/C/Bm - full volume (4x)
Em/Bm/C/Bm - Em/Bm/C/B7 - softly (2x)

The refrain is played with Rumba Strum Pattern 5:

C7/D7/Em - C7/D7/B7

Notice how I add further rhythm by hammering onto the Em and the B7 chords at the end of each phrase of the refrain.

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