Watch the Hommage a Manitas 2 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

I’ll play the rhythm part for Hommage a Manitas slowly for you first. With the capo on fret 2, the chord shapes switch between a B7 with a bass note added on the low E string, 2nd fret, and a 1st position E major chord. Because I’m using a capo, I’m actually playing in the key of F#, so the "real" chords are C#7 and F#7.

I play the progression with Rumba Pattern 2, which includes hitting the soundboard with my palm. I’m also using Golpe Technique 2 - flicking the nail of my right index finger against the soundboard, just before strumming a chord.

Finally, I use Rasgueado Technique 2 at the end of each round of the progression. Notice that when I use this technique on the E major shape in the progression, I add an E flat note to it by using my little finger on the 2nd string, 2nd fret.

I also throw in some palo secos - muting the strings with my left hand - near the end of the song.

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