Watch the Golpe Technique 2 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

This time, we’ll use the index finger (I) to tap on the guitar, above the sound hole. Essentially, you’re going to flick the nail of the index finger against the guitar’s soundboard, just before strumming a chord.

Place a capo on fret 2 and let’s try this chord progression (note, these are the chord "shapes", not the chords themselves, since we’ve put on a capo).

This is the new chord progression:

Bm (open) Gmaj7 (with open E) Em9 F# Phrygian (with open G, B and E)

These chords are in the shape of:

Bm Gmajor7 Em9 F# phrygian, but because of the capo, the chords are transposed - sounding like: C#m Amajor7 F#m9 F# phrygian

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