Watch the Arpeggio Pattern 2 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from New World Flamenco

The arpeggio pattern is:

(P)(I)(M)(A) (M)(I)(M)(A).

Accent the first (A) and the last (M).

To play a variation, simply switch the last two notes from (M)-(A) to (A)-(M), for (P)(I)(M)(A) (M)(I)(A)(M). The third variation with the additional thumb is: (P) (I) (M) (A) (P/A) (plucked together)(M) (I) (A) (M). As you’ll see in the lesson, the bass note emphasizes the accents, but in all variations the accent stays on the "and" of 2 and on 4.

The chord progressions in this lesson sound gorgeous with this arpeggio pattern. Don’t forget to capo the 2nd fret!

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