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Watch the Slow Playalong: Variation 4 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from Magic Gypsy Chords & Rhythms

Am9 – 5th position

This is another voicing for an Am9 chord. It is not easy to play because the fingers have to learn how to find their way. But the result is an awesome chord.

G6 - 3rd position

We know this chord already from variation 3.

Fmaj7/#11 - 3rd position

A voicing with a simple fingering but a great sound. Make sure that you do not strum or pick the low E-string or A-string.

E Phrygian - 2nd position

Another secret gypsy chord voicing which you will like. It is very similar to the E Phrygian voicing we learned in variation 3. We play almost the same tones, with one exception: the tone B in the 2nd fret on the A-string. It is the fifth of this E Phrygian. Having it in our voicing the chord sounds a little mellower than the one in variation 3.

Advice: Check out how the character of this chord progression changes when you play it with a capo in a higher position of the guitar.