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Watch the Performance: Variation 1 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from Magic Gypsy Chords & Rhythms

Capo 3rd fret
Frets/notes are counted onwards from the capo.
Capo = 0

Because we are using the capo in the 3rd position all chords have a different pitch than they are named in our example. We are counting and naming the chords from the capo onwards.

Dm 1st position
The classic Dm chord voicing in the first position. Make sure that you don`t touch the low E-string and A-string. The D-string is the root.

C7 - 1st position
The classic C7 chord shape in the 1st position. Make sure that you mute the low E-string.

Bb6/#11 - 1st position
For a better visualization think of the Bb7 barre chord in the 1st position without a barre. Make sure that the low E-string is muted with the tip of the 1st finger and that all other open strings ring freely.

A Phrygian 2nd fret
This is a convenient fingering for the A-Phrygian chord. You can visualize it as a D chord shape played on D, G and B-string.

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