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Watch the D Minor Progression online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from Magic Gypsy Chords & Rhythms

Capo 3rd fret
Frets/notes are counted onwards from the capo.
Capo = 0

We call this progression “The Traditional”. Drift into Andalucía with this chord progression. This is an old school flamenco key. We put the capo in the third position and play a Dm chord (standard voicing). From this position the Spanish progression starts to sound really authentic.

I have prepared a 6/8 rhythm pattern for the Dm chord progression. A 6/8 rhythm has its own quality of groove, especially when it is in a moderate tempo. It has a lot of rhythmic drive and energy, because the off beats are pushing the rhythm.

Accents on: 1 and 4

Let's start with the position of the right arm. This is the classic arm position for both strumming and picking. I rest my right arm on the side of the guitar. The wrist automatically hangs at the position where I want to touch the strings. It is totally relaxed when I do the strumming. The movement and the power are coming out of my elbow.

For the down stroke I use the tips of my right index and middle finger. I do the up stroke I with my thumbnail. The wrist is slightly circling while I do the down and up strokes. If you look carefully at my right hand you will realize that I sometimes have to make wider up stroke movements.

My strumming fingers have the most contact with the treble strings, fret board and guitar top. Only on count 1 I strum the bass string and have it ring as long as the chord change allows. The bass sounds very clear now.