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Watch the At Tempo Playalong: Variation 2 online guitar lesson by Tierra Negra from Magic Gypsy Chords & Rhythms

Capo 2nd fret

Frets/notes are counted onwards from the capo.

Capo = 0

Because we are using the capo in the 2nd position all chords mentioned sound one step higher than they are named in our example. (i.e. C#- minor sounds like an D#-minor)

C#m – 4th position

This chord looks like the C#m barre chord in the 4th fret but without a barre. Make sure that the low E-string is muted with the tip of the first finger. The E-strings rings open freely.

B 11 – 7th position

A jump to the 7th position to reach the B11 chord. Imagine a B-barre chord with no barre and open B-string and open E-string instead.

A9 – 5th position

Here we have the same voicing but played only two frets lower in the 5th position.

G# Phrygian – 4th position

The Phrygian chord played as a barre chord in the fourth fret.