Watch the Two Shores Breakdown 2 online guitar lesson by Muriel Anderson from Innovations for Acoustic Guitar

Here is a complex method of intertwining one harmonic and two natural notes, making them all sound like harmonics. Then add melody notes on top! Whether or not you decide to learn the entire tune or just this technique, the main point is that you can work on one technique and use it as a springboard to come up with new ideas. Voila! An innovation.
Video 2 takes the entire "Two Shores" arrangement slower. There are several different sections. You may want to approach them one at a time almost as separate pieces. As you become familiar with one part of the tune, if the melody leads you in another direction, that might be just the time to allow yourself to experiment around with some of your own ideas. Then go back and check out the original to see if your version seems to your ear as an improvement or not. If not, go back to the original or try something else! Sometimes the real reward in learning a new piece (or even part of the piece) is the ideas it gives you in your own tunes and your own arrangements.

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