Watch the Introduction online guitar lesson by Muriel Anderson from Innovations for Acoustic Guitar

I'd like to share with you my approach to music -- to writing, arranging, and ways to come up with new ideas and techniques. You may find many of these concepts can be apply to your own playing and writing. There are some that can help your guitar playing sound smoother, or crisper, or bouncier, or funnier, depending on what you're going for, and many techniques are much easier than they may seem at first.
Listen with open ears. Borrow approaches from other players in other styles, different instruments, sounds around you, and pretty soon you'll be looking for new ways to get across your ideas. I'd love to hear what you come up with!
I'll start by walking you through the inspirations behind several of my arrangements and compositions, and the techniques used in them. Video 2 takes you to "Arioso," a piece that has changed a lot since I first started composing it. As I say in the intro, the process of composing and developing the theme is much inspired by J.S. Bach, and the overall idea of the piece is an effort to capture in music the essence of unconditional love. You can think of it as a love song to your guitar.

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