Watch the Angelina Baker Breakdown 2 online guitar lesson by Muriel Anderson from Innovations for Acoustic Guitar

On Video 1 we'll work on "Angelina Baker" adding melody notes to the frailing technique. Then we'll add a walking bass. Video 2 takes you to imitating the mandolin, bass solo, and Bluegrass guitar solos, as well as the long-awaited five-string banjo version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown. This is actually in some ways the easiest part of the tune. Even though it's fast, it's more of a standard guitar technique. Some typical banjo patterns can be played just as arpeggios on the guitar. To get more of a banjo-like sound, do play these with a stiff right hand - completely opposite of how you'd play "Arioso!" - and off the tips of the fingernails near the bridge. Enjoy!
Thanks for working through this course with me. I have more tab and sheet music available all the time at Feel free to let me know how you're doing, and I hope to see you along the road.
Special thanks to Brad and Ali and all the folks at TrueFire - they are fabulous to work with and know where the best cheese shops and restaurants are, too!

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