Watch the Angelina Baker online guitar lesson by Muriel Anderson from Innovations for Acoustic Guitar

Why not make the guitar sound like a banjo, bass, mandolin, fiddle, and even the entire Bluegrass band! I discovered that a modified form of old-time claw-hammer banjo technique can be used to imitate some of these sounds. Lots of you have asked me to show you this - here it is! We'll break it down to show you the technique in Video 2, beginning with the famous fiddle tune "Old Joe Clark." It takes a little practice to get used to keeping the hand in a claw-shape and hammering the wrist with more of a downward motion instead of a back and forth motion. The rhythm of the right hand bouncing up and down stays consistent. That means that some of the melody notes are actually down-strokes and some are up-strokes. I usually play it with a capo, just to bring the pitch up a little higher and more banjo-like, but I'll do the working version for you in video 2 without the capo.

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