Watch the The Eye of God online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Repertoire

As I mention, this tune derives from two sources of inspiration. One is the harp guitar itself and the magic that happens when overtones are generated spontaneously on the sub-bass strings by the playing of the guitar strings. The other is the imagery captured by the Hubble Space Telescope of a place in the galaxy that the astronomers call the Helix Nebula. (If I said Crab Nebula - I learned after filming this that I was wrong).

And here's a cool bit: I played recently in Maryland and it turns out that a woman in the audience is the individual who was responsible for "steering" Hubble. From her computer at NASA she directed how the telescope would be pointed. She told me that because a particularly large meteor shower was expected to pose some threat to Hubble, they decided to turn it somewhat in order to minimize the possibility of damage. They didn't have any idea that something so beautiful and awe-inspiring a place would be subsequently found. But it was.

Put the title of this tune into an image search and you'll see why the astronomers gave it this name.

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