Watch the Repertoire for Harp Guitar online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Repertoire

Thanks for your interest in the harp guitar - and in my approach to these instruments. In this TrueFire project I present seven of my compositions for you to learn. They are pieces of music that people have asked me over the years to teach and also that I think will serve you well in expanding your own approach to the instrument.

I love these tunes and believe that they really showcase the harp guitar. I say that in full awareness that there are a number of different types of and approaches to the harp guitar. The instrument that I'm talking about has six additional sub-bass strings beyond the usual six of the guitar. These tunes, if played properly, will make your instrument sing. And if you are playing them particularly well, who knows - maybe you’ll make someone smile or shed a tear that they weren’t expecting to. These are good things and music at its best, I think.

In addition to adding to your repertoire, I think that you will likely benefit from absorbing these pieces. Some of the musical ideas here will serve you well in other places and situations.

Have a great time with them. As always, I welcome your feedback.

Stephen Bennett

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