Watch the Oregon online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Repertoire

All I'm doing here is playing an accompaniment part on the 6-string guitar so that you can have a little fun. (I'm really not here solely to torture you or to spread my tunes over the globe in my never-ending quest towards world domination). I got the idea to include this because I play this tune sometimes with other people. By brother Jim is a wonderful pianist and we sometimes play it together. I had to figure out what to play to accompany him when he took the melody. My participation in the International Guitar Night tour of 2010 provided another opportunity to do this tune as a duet. Then I sometimes performed Oregon with my friend Itamar Erez, a brilliant musician from Israel. When he took the melody, I played something very similar to what I show you here. So - if you've got a friend who can play this part, then you play the harp guitar part and voila - you've got yourself a duet. Have fun!

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