Watch the Perestroika online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Basics

That's right - you know what I'm gonna say. Now put the beer down and get back to the grind. And remember, this is fun!

I think it's all fairly clear on the video.

An interesting aside: a number of folks have contacted me over the years to tell me they had worked this tune out for 6-string guitar. They'd invariably be in drop D and have the verse worked out reasonably well. Reasonably well, that is, until the bass needs to go to the low C. Then these arrangements wimp out. You simply HAVE to have the low C to give it the umph it needs! Don't get me wrong - I am always tickled when people like my harp guitar tunes well enough to try to arrange them for standard guitar. The problem for them is that I write my harp guitar tunes for the harp guitar, and specifically so. In doing so, I'm trying to take advantage of the unique qualities the harp guitar offers.

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