Watch the Perestroika online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Basics

Around 1988, when I got my great-grandfather's harp guitar, I also was handed a copy of Michael Hedges' record called Aerial Boundaries. I remember sitting down with the harp guitar after listening to the record and coming up with the loop that drives this tune. I never did get around to learning any of Michael's tunes (I actually no longer know any other guitarist's arrangement of anything – although once upon a time I did know a few of Leo Kotke and Guy Van Duser's arrangements) – but I do owe the inspiration for Perestroika in large measure to Michael's sound.

The title means "restructuring" and it was in the news back then as the Soviet Union was changing before its eventual breakup not long thereafter. I've long had an interest in history and had taken several courses on Russian history in college.

Tuning for sub-basses is GABCDG and the guitar is in drop D.

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