Watch the Gentle Annie online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Basics

That's right, you do have to practice!

Aside from playing it slowly along with me here, you could try various things for your amusement and advancement along the harp guitar path. (Should I have said Grasshopper here?)

1. You might simply play the chords along with me and not worry about the melody. I do mean with the sub-basses! Here are the chords again:

G D | G C | G A7 | D B7 |
Em D/F# | G C | G D |
1st ending: G D go back and repeat and this time go to the 2nd ending: G G/B | C | G |
Em A7 | D B7 | Em D/F# | G C |
G D | G

2. If you're feeling brave, venture out a little bit melodically with your accompanying chords and play some short melodic answers to what I'm playing. Or maybe find a harmony here and there. Look and I suspect you'll find.

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