Watch the Gentle Annie online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Harp Guitar Basics

I will say this here and remind you occasionally throughout Harp Guitar Basic: If you happen to see that the music I'm playing and what's notated don't match precisely - don't worry. They are both good. I never play a tune 100% the same way every time. It's good to phrase things a little differently. That just reflects slightly different musical choices being made at different moments. The core of what I play each time is the same, but I might put a different bit of musical embellishment on a phrase today than I will tomorrow.

Additionally, the instrument I used for this project is an old Dyer Brothers harp guitar which has been extensively rebuilt. I noticed throughout the filming of this project (as well as the filming of another project immediately afterwards - Harp Guitar Repertoire) that there is sometimes a buildup of harmonics that are a little dissonant to my ear anyway. I have never noticed this on any other harp guitar I have ever played and am not sure what's going on. Generally, it's a very subtle issue and you may not notice it at all. I tend to obsess about such things once I start to think about them. I was in Florida at the TrueFire studios and did not have another harp guitar with me to switch to. Anyway, I'm just letting you know that if you notice it at all, you're not crazy. Well, you could still very well be crazy, I don't know...

Which means that it was actually built by the Larson Brothers - Dyer Brothers was a music store chain that ordered the instruments and then put their name on them.

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