Watch the Tell Story/Tell Me - 7 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

In the last segment of this song, we are going to break down the last chorus of this song. Leading into it, we are playing a scale in a two part harmony. When you watch my right hand you see that I am playing this two part harmony with my thumb and middle finger. You can use the thumb and index. this is one of the areas where "whatever feels most comfortable" comes into effect. This is also a good place to suggest that you practice simple scales in your warm up excersises and after you learn your basic scales, try playing them with two string harmony notes. I am using a "C" diminished chord in the melody right after the lead in scale and you can see that it follows the melody when i back down two frets. In the last line of this verse, I am playing a form of an arppegiated barred "G7", from the 6th string all the way to the 1st string. I do this with my thumb, 1st finger, and middle finger, in a sequential patern. It is simply a 6,5,4 and 5,4,3, and 3,2,1 pattern. the thumb will play the first note of each segment.

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