Watch the Tell Story/Tell Me - 6 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

The next song of this medley is "Tell Me The Old Old Story". As you concluded the previous song you resolved it with a "C" instead of the usual "E", which allows a cool transition into this part of the medley. One other way to practice learning this part of the song might be to hum the melody as you play the chords in the first line of the song. This helps to see how the melody fits right into the chord structure of the song. Follow your voice with "C", "Em","Am","G7","C". You see that the melody falls right into each of these chords. Sometimes when im playing this part of the melody, I will actually use a "Dm" instead of the "G7" around the phrase where the words "Write on my heart every word"is written in the lyrics. Believe it or not, either chord will work nicely. Some of the notes I am playing here especially the lead in riffs are made from "pull offs" and "hammer ons". Spend some extra time practicing these. You will find other places to use these riffs, even in other songs. Another area that you will need to spend some time is in the line of the song where the bass walks down as the melody plays in an upscale direction. Pay close attention here. The last note of this is a big stretch but it will come with practice. The remainder of this verse is pretty basic and leads right into the chorus. Just keep it slow and follow the melody. Take time to build the song in segments. It will all come together.

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