Watch the Tell Story/Tell Me - 5 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

The tips I pointed out in the previous lesson are the same in this chorus. One major difference is that when I lead into one of the lines of the song, I play a scale. Practice playing this major scale in this key as well as in other keys because it will be something you will use in many songs. This is a good time to point out and suggest that you practice playing major and minor scales as a warm up whether you are performing or just learning a new song such as in this lesson. In this song the scale starts on the 4th string 6th fret as Ab, then one fret up for A, next on the 3rd string 4th fret, a B then 2 frets up for a C#, then 2nd string 4th fret for Eb, up 1 fret for E, then up 2 frets for F#, next is 1st string 4th fret for Ab, then 1 fret up on 1st string for A, and finish on the 7th fret as a B. That makes the scale; Ab,A,B,C#,Eb,E,F#,Ab,A,B. Practice and learn this scale using thumb and fingers and also just fingers. It will pay off. The last chord of the song will be the transition chord that leads into the next verse which is the second song of the medley. It is simply a "C" chord.

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