Watch the Tell Story/Tell Me - 4 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

You're going to notice that it is going to be very important to study the entire melody of this verse and keep it totally out front in the song. This song also is to be played as it would be played on a piano. Almost every note is embedded in a chord so study the major and minor chords that my left hand is playing. My right thumb will be sharing both the melody and some moving bass lines. If you watch my right hand in the video you can notice that again, it makes a sort of sweeping movement as the thumb playes the first note and my index, middle and ring fingers play their strings in smooth sequential movement. Relax, this isn't as difficult as it looks at first. Just think and hear "piano" and once you get the concept, it will come naturally to you. Since I am playing in the key of "E", i use a lot of open strings for that nice sustain effect. When I play the two string harmonies, I am plucking with my index and middle finger instead of using my thumb. One other little tip that might help is this. Often when i swich from a lower scale basic chord to a bar chord, notice that my index finger which makes the bar, presses on the 6th string first and as I am playing that particular note and it is ringing, the rest of the fingers on my left hand find their positions to complete the chord. Thats just a little tip to keep from having the timing gaps in your playing. Just remember that even when there is no particular beat, timing is still a major factor in the flow of a song.

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