Watch the Poor Wayfaring Stranger - 4 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

When the verse starts, this will be mainly an alternating bass again as the fingers play the melody. In the key of "Am" its fairly easy to keep the chord position and play the melody. Now is the time to point out a simple exercise to help your alternating bass pattern. Try playing four beats of "Am", then four of "F", back to "Am" and so on. These practice sessions will really help you to perfect that alternating pattern with your left hand. You also notice that a lot of the melody in this verse is played with hammer-ons. It's just a technique i use in this song for effect in this area not for speed. I resolve the verse with a little two string harmony riff. When i do this, I am playing the 2nd and 3rd strings with my thumb and first finger because my middle finger is playing the "E" string along with the two harmony notes. It gives a nice effect. It also leads into the chorus which is the next lesson

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