Watch the Over in the Glory Land - 6 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

On this last chorus I threw in a couple of cool licks to build a little more momemtum in the song. Most of these riffs are ones that Chet used in a lot of songs that were played in "C". The first one is played on the 4th string 10th fret and 3rd string open with your index finger and 5th string 8th fret and 3rd string open, and last, the 5th string 8th fret and 3rd string open. This is a good fill in lick that sounds better the faster it is played. The next riff is one that I created as a fill in and its just played as a two string harmony riff that resolves in "G". The two strings are played with my index and ring finger. The thumb will just add a little third string stop. Just watch my right hand in the video and you can see what it's doing. The last special riff I did on this part is a simple arpeggio on the "F" chord leading back into the "C". Once again, take this chorus and build it one block at a time. Learn the little riffs separately and be ready to just add them where they belong.

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