Watch the Over in the Glory Land - 5 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

Verse two starts with a two string harmony walk down from "G" to "C" and then play the melody within the "C" chord at the 8th fret position. The second part of that line moves to the basic "C" chord because the melody goes there. Just like the first verse, this song works easily in keeping the melody built around chords. Now to explain another roll that is played at the key change. This is basically a banjo roll that was another signature lick of Chet's. You play "G" chord on the 7th fret only leave the "E" string open and play the sequence 432,431,432,431. Be sure and use your thumb to play the 4th string and fingers to play the 32 and 31 strings. When you play this roll and let the "E" string sustain, it really sounds good. The next note will be the melody of the next song in the key of "C". Then play the song as in the lesson. This is just an alternate way to go into the key change and verse.

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