Watch the Over in the Glory Land - 4 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

In this song, the chorus is started in the 7th fret position of "G" and the "C" is to be played on the 8th fret position. It makes it possible to play the alternating bass and keep that melody in the proper scale. In this song also you can see that I am using my thumb to fret some of the bass notes and still maintain the melody. The song is fairly basic and is a lot of fun to play because it doesn't require a lot of stretching to reach the melody whild holding the bass lines. Speaking of bass lines, notice that when i play the "G" chord on the 7th fret, my left ring finger is also alternating with the bass in sync with my thumb. This requires some practice but you will be surprised how easy it will come to you. One other thing to notice is that also on my right hand, I am picking the melody using three fingers depending on the string I am using. This just makes the melody flow and helps keep the timing a bit tighter.

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