Watch the No, Not One - 5 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

Once again, learn to play the melody on the first and second string so you can keep the chord position and alternating bass going during the entire chorus. Remember to let the bass lines ring to keep the sustain. There is also a place you will see that the lead will also sustain. You can see that when i use a bass note of the "G" chord, the bass note is played on the 6th string 5th fret for the "G" note. This is because of compensating for the "drop d" on the sixth string. When I play the decending notes on the 5th string, be sure and watch my left hand because you can see that my finger positions will change on the second string to maintain the same chord. You will probably want to spend time just practicing this particular run to get it smooth and effortless. You will also use it at the ending just before the song resolves.

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