Watch the No, Not One - 1 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

This is an old hymn found in most hymnals. It is a slightly upbeat song to be played at a moderate speed. Usually when i begin to arrange an instrumental tune, I experiment by playing the song in many different chords for two reasons. First, to discover which chord helps me to keep the melody out front, and second, to see how the melody fits the chord progressions with the lease amount of chord inversions and movements. In this song, I chose a "drop D" tuning mainly for the cool drone effect of the drop D and the sustain of the use of a lot of open strings in the melody. Each verse and chorus has a little different phrasing just to keep the song interesting and listenable. Be sure and focus on the lesson for the ending. It has a cool set of runs to conclude the song.

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