Watch the His Eye is on the Sparrow - 8 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

The tag line is simply an "A" chord and "E" chord played three times with a little "hammer-on" of the melody. Before I play the last riff I play the first three strings of an "A", then a diminished, next will be a "G" with your pinky on the 1st string 5th fret, then a "Bbmaj7". You then play an open "A" note on the 5th string and let it sustain while you set up for the final riff. Play the A on 1st string 5th fret and slide down one fret. Then play 2nd string 7th fret and 1st string open. Next play 3rd string 7th fret and slide down to 6th and play 2nd string open and then 4th string 7th fret, and then 5th string open and complete on 4th string 6th fret and 7th fret. If you listen to the notes, you can hear that its simply a decending scale from "A" to "A". Just watch your timing. Practice the scale slowly and build up your speed only after you are familiar with the scale. Dont forget to let the open strings sustain. To resolve, finish with an "A6add9. I hope you have fun with this song!

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