Watch the His Eye is on the Sparrow - 4 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

This verse is to be played with a snappy beat and you can do that with what some might call a "heavy thumb". The alternating bass here will really carry the song. You will find the major part of the melody on the first three strings through the entire verse. That makes this a good song to learn in a basic fingerstyle arrangement. You can add some extra riffs as you learn to play this song but be careful to not overplay it. The song works well just the way it is written. This is one of the tunes that I recommend you follow the chord patterns just the way it is played here, and even use the minor and diminished chords. They all make this tune what it is. Another thing to note near the end of this verse is when i make the move from "G" to "C" to "D", between the "C" and "D", I also add "E" and "Am". You'll notice it in the video and it makes a really cool transition to the last line of the song.

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