Watch the Higher Ground - 6 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

The arrangement of the second verse of this song was just an idea I had to shift it into "Am" The basic chords to use are; "Am", "E7" and you can see that I also use the 5th fret position of "E7" as well. This makes the melody easier to play while keeping the chord position. Notice that in the upper position of "E7" as I play the melody, i move my index finger up to the 6th fret to play in this sequence, 2nd string, 1st string, 3rd string. This allows the melody to sustain as it is being played. Then move back to the "Am" position to finish the melody of this verse. Then the second measure of this verse is played in "Am" and then moves back to the major chord as it goes to the "F" chord. The remainder of the verse is pretty much the same as verse 1.

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