Watch the Gear Overview online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

I am going to briefly mention some of the equipment I use in recording and in concerts. My picks are made by Fred Kelly from Grayling Mi. I use the medium weight "slick pick". It just works for me. My electric guitar is a 1959 re-issue of the Gretsch 6120 with TV Jones pickups. The strings on this guitar are D'Addario XL110w. I use a wound third string on this guitar because it seems to hold tune better with the Bigsby tremolo tailpiece. My nylon string is a Godin Multiac guitar with a 1 7/8" neck. I use D'Addario Pro Arte J51 recording strings on this guitar. On stage I also run it through a Roland GR30 synth for some special effects. My steel string acoustic guitar is a McPherson with LR Baggs electronics in it. The strings on this guitar are D'Addario EXP medium gauge strings. My Amp is a Fishman SA220 solo acoustic amp. Some of the pedals i use are boss digital delay, Aphex acoustic exciter, and I use a Samson airline wireless system with a pedal style receiver. I run my accompaniment tracks through a Digitec Jam Man and the tracks and acoustic guitar and Godin guitar goes through a non powered 4 channel mixer in order for me to control my mix on stage.

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