Watch the Amazing Grace - 5 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

The final verse is going to be played and the song completed in the key of "E". You can find a lot of sustain in the melody because there are a lot of chord variations with open strings in this particular key. In this last verse, you will notice that I use a lot of full bar chords and more inversions of many of the chords while playing the melody. There is a correction in what I stated in the video. I called one chord a "D", and actually it is a "B" so don't be confused. The verse in this particular key is painted with a lot of open bass notes and open strings in the melody. i always try to use open strings when they are in the melody mainly for the sustain. It actually moves that final verse up into a next level so to speak to build even more momentum in the song. Then, when the song is concluded, it is done with a two string harmony walk down on the bass, starting with "A", then "Ab", then "F#", and ending on "E" You can follow the video and see the harmony notes for this bass line. It makes for a really nice conclusion to the song. Once you practice this entire song, and have it down technically, then work on your expression and feeling. You will find that this will be one of your favorites.

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