Watch the Amazing Grace - 3 online guitar lesson by Richard Kiser from Gospel Fingerstyle Guitar

We start the song in the key of "C". You might try just playing the melody on the first three strings so you can learn where the melody will be found on the fingerboard. After you know where the melody is going, then practice building the song around the chord structure. After you have a feel for how the chords will play with relationship to the melody, then begin to add the moving bass notes. This building block method will make the song easier to learn. Remember to practice putting feeling into this song. That will make the major difference. This is a song that can be played pefectly, with no feeling, or it can be played with feeling and emotion, and not so perfectly. The listener will always relate to the later. You notice that in the second measure of the song, I use an "Am" instead of staying with the major "C" chord to accompany the melody. This is not the way the song was written, but it does add personality to the song. Thats one of the benefits of arranging an instrumental tune. When I play it, the minor chord is what I hear, and it works, so I play it. This is how you make the song "your own". At the end of the verse, instead of ending in the major chord to resolve, I go to the "A7sus" to A7 and then into the "D" chord where the second verse will be played.

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