Watch the Tsenacommacah online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Fingerstyle Finesse

Along with the melody, the backbeat is important in this tune. In case you don't remember what that means, it's an emphasis on beats 2 and 4. It is not quite so dominant here as in many of the other tunes in this course, but it is definitely there and an integral component of the music.
I have not notated the backbeat completely. Just be aware of it and it will start to happen.
This piece seems simple, but will likely be a little trickier to get right than you think. I don't necessarily play the rolling arpeggiated patterns exactly the same way. I also don't always play the melody exactly the same way. That's ok; you don't have to either. Get it 95% the same and you'll be sounding good.
Make sure that the melody rings out above the arpeggios. Make sure your notes are all clean and rich. Make sure that your harmonics sing out as they should. Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal. OK, twice a day is fine...

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