Watch the Col De Lauteret online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Fingerstyle Finesse

Again, the backbeat is present and important. (Have I mentioned this at all yet?) In this notation, I have not really indicated it much at all. By now, I am hoping that you get the idea and that by learning the other tunes with the backbeat as an important feature, you have started to absorb it. That way you can just worry about the notes. Making sure that they are the right ones, that sort of thing... Making sure that they ring as they should. Making sure that the melody sings. You've got plenty to do, eh?
Measures 54-55 and 57-62 are a good exercise by themselves to get the backbeat idea really clearly...
You can almost think rock band on these tunes, rather than delicate fingerstyle guitar. They are, in fact, very intricate fingerstyle guitar, tunes but they are intended to be driving too. Col De Lauteret, as I mention on the video, actually was inspired by driving in the literal sense.
Don't get confused by the notation on this tune. It's written out in the key of D and the key E. It's true key is E, but fingering-wise you might be more inclined to think in D. The tab is the same for both.

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