Watch the Burnside online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Fingerstyle Finesse

In this middle section, the melody occurs in two different octaves in the key of E. I worked it out up higher at first and then decided I needed a little variation. So I tried it an octave lower. The search to make this work out resulted in some interesting voicings. This is a great compositional idea for the guitar, by the way. Because so many notes on the guitar occur in more than one place (unlike a keyboard, for example), different possibilities emerge in different octaves. Different hammer-on or pull-off options result, as do different possibilities for sliding into a note. Also, the sound of a B note one the open second string, for example, is different than the same B on the 3rd string. Very subtly different, but still... those sorts of things come jumping out at you when you switch octaves.

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