Watch the Burnside online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Fingerstyle Finesse

Burnside is another tune with a lot of backbeat. I've decided not to indicate all of it here, either with the notation bb or with notes. Some of it is there (as notes), but again, I'm trying not to overwhelm you with too much print. Just think of the drummer emphasizing beats 2 and 4. The thing is - once you have absorbed this idea, it will become a part of your playing and you will do it without really even thinking about it.
As in I Believe, the chords indicated are not meant to be literal, but rather to give a harmonic overview. Sometimes they will coincide with the notes and be 100% correct in any given moment - and sometimes they will not. But they are what you might give someone else playing along with you to follow. And again, they give an overview of the tune.

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