Watch the Burnside online guitar lesson by Stephen Bennett from Fingerstyle Finesse

Remember, there are no lyrics, but I bet you can hear the words "I wanna skate at Burnside" in the music. If you don't, you're not playing it right!
Musically, there are a lot of interesting things in this tune. One would be the use of harmonics combined with regular notes, as in the intro phrase. There is a magic that occurs when notes ring into each other and that magic can be magnified when some of the notes are harmonics!
The lyrical nature of the melody is key to this tune. It's very important to make the melody really sing out. (Have I said that at all yet?) It's always very important, really; if your tune has a melody that catches the ear, that makes people want to hum it - that's a good thing! Jeez, I'm like a broken record, huh...
The bass line is interesting as well. As I composed the piece, I was trying to think of what a bass player might do, rather than what my thumb might automatically fall into. Also, the backbeat is important in this tune; beats 2 and 4 are emphasized continually, giving this tune the drive that it needs.

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