Watch the Thumbsing online guitar lesson by Richard Gilewitz from Fingerscapes

This is a fragment, actually the introduction and setting of the mindset of a somewhat unique piece entitled 'thumbsing' wherein the right hand thumb p plays the entire piece utlizing the thumb as if it were a plectrum or flatpick. I say 'mindset' in this particular case because much more than even calling it a groove the entire piece is more of an 'attitude'. In other words play it with somewhat of a sense of humor. The entire piece can be heard on two of my releases, "Thumbsing" and "Live at 2nd Street Theatre". During the 'Live' performance you can hear me using a delay pedal for an interesting effect.
I tend to use somewhat of a right hand palm mute during the beginning of the tune and periodically throughout, depending on my mood during the performance. This can be played very loosely and I have found that there are multiple acceptable variations within the tune so have fun with it.

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