Watch the Open G Exercise 1 online guitar lesson by Richard Gilewitz from Fingerscapes

This little groove in open G tuning utilizes the left hand in a partial C chord position at the 8th and 9th frets but fingered with 2 and 3 on the left hand. This is a somewhat common move in open tuning allowing both the left hand index finger and pinky to explore a wider range while stablizing with a central chord thus allowing for a sense of melody within the tune. Do not overlook the 'm' finger playing the 2nd string during the hammer on and pull offs of the '&' on beats 2 and 3 in the odd numbered measures. Also, there is a very slight variation in measure 6 where the right hand 'a' finger is used on the first string for a subtle high end fill. Be sure to use the correct right hand fingers for the last measure to avoid tripping over your fingers.

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