Watch the Breakdown online guitar lesson by Richard Gilewitz from Fingerscapes

This is a simple little riff in open G tuning with the slide. Try to incorporate subtle moves such as palm muting with the right hand just a pair of notes such as beats 3 and 4 in measure 1. Notice also the effectiveness of the arpeggio effect occuring in measure 3 from string 4 through string 1. The 'm' finger striking string 2 on the '&' of beat 2 is when the right hand shift occurs from position 2 to position 1.
It is crucial on the first beat of measure 4 to tilt the slide on the left hand pinky slightly and play the note as close to the tip of the slide as possible remembering as well to dampen with the tip of the left hand index finger behind the slide. Try to create a lazy and weepy sound by avoiding too much of a rush to the 5th fret. Avoid clattering the slide against the frets as well.

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